Friday, September 17, 2010

My Gift of Jewels

Greetings!  It’s been a while. We’re half way into the month of September and this is only my second post for the month.  Yesterday a package from North Carolina found its way into my mailbox.  I was so excited to open the brown box marked FRAGILE on the outside.  I sat at the dining room table, slipped a finger beneath tape and pulled back the flaps to peer inside.

First I pulled out two lovely reflective cut-outs, one of a swallow in flight and the other the silhouette of a butterfly with wings.  Next, I pulled out heavy stationery folded over to enclose three photos of red tulips. 

But wait…there’s more…a charming little white bird with a feathery black tail!  A charming garden theme is developing.  A fragrant packet of seeds in the loveliest of packages with the words Victorian Scatter Garden written in elegant script and a small round mirror with one of the photos of tulips gracing the opposite side. 
Finally, pages from a dictionary with the many versions of horticulture held a strand of shimmering ‘jewels.’  I am smitten with all the little treasures that Angela Byers sent me.  I may put them all together in a collage and hang the treasure collage near my work area to remind of me of the love and care that envelopes people everywhere.

Dear Angela, thank you for the ‘jewels’ you sent me.  I’m wishing you all the joys to be found in life and all the love that you can hold in your heart.  

I was also fortunate enough to have my name chosen to receive the secret ‘jewel’ created by Toni Johnson, a photographer and glass artist. The lovely red stone hangs from a silken cord with beauty and grace.
Stop by the Daily Vignette to learn about Toni’s masterful photography or her website that displays art glass and photography, both a visual pleasure.  Thank you, Toni, for the gorgeous red stone necklace.
The Gift of Jewels is the brainchild of Se’Lah at Necessary Room and I cannot begin to express the joy I’ve found in both creating jewels to send off into the world and in receiving the little treasures.  To Se’Lah, I’m blowing a thank you kiss into the cool September air of northwest Ohio knowing it will find its way south caught on a warm island breeze and to you.

Wishing all the ‘jewels’ of this earth joyful celebrations and much love!     



  1. Dear Teresa, What a delightful surprise! As you revealed your treasures, each one was more lovely than the last. Love, Pam x

  2. Beautiful treasures! *Gift of Jewels* is a great project!

  3. Dear Teresa, How wonderful it is to receive parcels in the post. Your 'jewels' are lovely and, as you say, are all the more special when they remind one of friends.

  4. Simply magnificent!! Thanks for sharing

  5. Hej Teresa,

    Your gorgeous picture-cards arrived safely in Danmark and I am very happy with them. Thank you so much for your generous gift of Jewels.

    Kind regards,


  6. Hello Pam...I'm so glad you stopped by. The Gift of Jewels was a lovely event that inspired me.

    Carol...welcome to the Cottage on the Corner and I couldn't agree with you more!

    Oh never fail to make me smile with your comments and posts on your blog. Thank you for stopping by.

    Elizabeth...a very special welcome to you! I was delighted to send off my 'jewels' to you. It's such a dreamy thing to send tiny bits of me to places like Denmark, but even more it's a wonder to meet new friends.

  7. you look absolutely stunning in your necklace...and your other jewels are just as beautiful.

    do enjoy.
    one love.


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