Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Guest Blogger: MJ's Simple Things List

There’s so much joy in creating a list of simple things that I decided to share one of my blog spaces, The Cottage on the Corner, with my friend MJ. This wonderful idea is the brainchild of Christina at soul aperture, a generous angel, who is donating one dollar to Doctors without Borders for every blogger that creates a list of simple things and leaves a comment with a link. If you have a moment or many to stop by Christina’s blog you’ll be stunned at the pouring out of hearts of one mind.

MJ’s Simple Things List

a good cup of coffee made in my own kitchen

sweet memories of my mom

tea parties with my granddaughter

being alone in peace and quiet

meaningful communication with a dear friend

reconnecting with an old friend

getting lost in the creative process

a newly discovered bookstore

an old familiar bookstore


finding something I'd been looking for

new underwear

the lift of unexpected sunlight shining through in January

a favorite pen

camera successes

a hummingbird's visit

ocean air

the woods in every season


You can find my simple things list on the flip side of this blog, Write in Amazement.


  1. MJ has a wonderful list:
    new underwear made me smile BIG
    and "getting lost in the creative process" oh yes I love that one!!

  2. I love MJ's list, especially finding something you had been looking for and being alob=ne in peace and quiet. So many good things to be appreciated in the world!

  3. alob=ne? You know what I mean! I should type slower and proof read!

  4. So many favorites that are mine also....the sound of the ocean, the woods and being alone, which is difficult with 4 kids living at home ;^)

  5. MJ's list is lovely. I'd forgotten about the favorite pen, but it's so true! Being in the woods in peace and quiet all alone... magical!

  6. A good cup of coffee and a favourite pen, at the same time; a recipe I often enjoy!

  7. I loved this list, undies with my new wooly sock works for me every time! lol Getting lost in the creative process *sigh* When it happens it's magical.

    Thank you for being my guest blogger!

  8. I love both lists on both blogs! Thank you for stopping by my blog...


  9. Just wonderful and what a great way to raise money for those poor souls.

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  11. Hi
    Very nice and intrestingss story.


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