Thursday, July 9, 2009

Good Bye Smith and Hawken

Image borrowed from Smith & Hawken site,
I happened to be looking up gardening information on the when I heard some sad news…at least sad to me is the news that another all time favorite source for gardening tools and so much more, the retail store and mail order company Smith & Hawken is going out of business.

I ordered my first herb plants from Smith & Hawken more than 20 years ago. I spent hours pouring over the catalog and dreaming about trellises, hayrack window boxes overflowing with ivies and colorful annuals, and all sorts of tools. The tools that Smith & Hawken carried inspired me to search for similar ones to carry in my shop, Windy Corner herbs & flowers. The search took me to a wholesaler that offered English made trowels, hand held diggers, hoes, and more. In my mind, Smith & Hawken were the cutting edge of all that was right and classy in the world of retail gardening supplies.
I’m going to miss insomnia nights perusing the online store and dreaming of gardens filled with gorgeous purchases from Smith & Hawken.

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