Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Garden in July

Whooohoooo! The first vegetable of the season in my container garden is a Hungarian wax pepper. The yellow-green finger sticks straight up among leaves and more blossoms ready to develop and end up in my kitchen. I had my first Hungarian wax pepper a few years ago when my brother Paul brought the peppers stuffed with cheese to dinner one evening. The peppers were a hit and I can't wait to try my hand at stuffing a few.

Hungarian wax pepper
I’m so excited about my container garden that I’ve been dreaming up ways to grow even more in containers. I’m thinking next year…galvanized tubs bought for cheap at auctions and yard sales would make great containers for lettuce, peas, green beans, radishes, and green onions.

Bill & Judy’s July Garden

Head of broccoli

Bill and Judy have been broccoli busy. The huge heads just keep coming and then heading into the kitchen to be eaten or frozen for later. The tomatoes look lush, healthy, and loaded with blossoms. Bill was cutting lettuce and Swiss chard when I arrived. Later, a family favorite dressing would cover the crisp salad.Bed of Lettuce and Onions
I was surprised at the height of the sweet corn. My father-in-law insisted that corn grew best on hot nights when you could hear the crackle and pop of stalks growing. This summer has been cool and wonderful for everyone, except plants that prefer heat and lots of sun, but that hasn't stunted the growth of Bill & Judy's sweet corn. A Patch of Sweet Corn
Judy planted sunflowers along the side of the deck fence. The gigantic buds smile from tall stems with irresistable charm. Sunflower Bud

Beneath a tree, a cluster of wildflowers surrounded by rocks greets visitors to Bill & Judy’s home, along with two big, boisterous, but lovable dogs. Otis takes a breather from romping along side the bed of wildflowers.Otis and Wildflowers

The garden’s lookin’ good, you two!

Now get out there and nibble on a crunchy green bean while harvesting.


  1. The garden is looking great! Mine is a jungle! It is also a month behind your. I am getting snow peas and lots and lots of strawberries.

  2. These pictures are wonderful! It will be great to look at them when we're shivering in January and remember beautiful summer days.


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