Saturday, February 23, 2013

Of Spammers, Scrivener, & Storyboards

When I was posting on a somewhat regular basis I rarely had problems with spammers leaving comments, but since I've been letting The Cottage stand idle, spamming has become a nuisance.  I hate to make people jump through hoops just to leave a message, but on the other hand I dislike deleting comments. 

The reason behind spamming is's all about the numbers.  The more people reached the greater the odds that someone will actually click on the spammer's link.  I have to wonder much time is wasted running from place to place leaving the silly comment that doesn't pertain to anything the blogger wrote? I doubt very much that the spammer gets much traffic from their ridiculous methods. 

February is heaving its last long sigh as we enter the last week.  Not alot happened in February.  I downloaded a trial of Scrivener.  Scrivener is a writing program that organizes and puts notes, storyboards, and everything needed in one place, but I'm finding it harder to learn than Photoshop Elements.  Speaking of Elements here's a storyboard I created...

This storyboard gives a quick view of the protagonist's childhood home, a gardener's cottage that rests on the edge of an aristocrat's estate.  Her father is the head gardener, a crusty man with vision and a strong sense of duty.  I discovered the little cottage with floor plan in Ackermann's Repository, the August 1816 issue.  If you're curious about this marvelous peek into the Regency era you can find the link here.  


  1. I guess people with no lives have nothing better to do than spam people, it's such a shame.

    I really love your storyboard!

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  3. I just love the storyboard - great when words and pictures give insight into what is within

    Sorry about the spammers! I read 'spanners' first of all and wondered how they fitted into blogging ... and that perhaps it was a new term, seeing as I have been away for a while. Added this to amuse you.

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