Friday, July 13, 2012

Nature in the City Getaway

It's been a wild and crazy week and it's time for a little getaway.  The little man and I are heading for the city.  We'll be staying with a dear friend who I'll pal around with while the young ones attend a day camp full of nature and fun.  Isn't it funny that we're going to the city for a nature camp? 

Mr. Fuji will be accompanying me and I hope for some cooler mornings and evenings for some fun photo sessions. I'm looking forward to lots of girl talk, eating out as often as possible, and the change of scenery. 

Have a wonderful weekend and pray for rain!


  1. hi teresa,
    loveliness in a sunset...i adore sunsets but wish i could truly capture their glory...i am thinking now, it is not meant to be "captured" but simply absorbed and experienced.

    thanks for stopping over at my blog and leaving me a comment. i was wanting to ask a question and since you might not see it over there-where i originally wrote it-i thought i'd also ask here. you mentioned you "finally found" me and i was wondering how you did? i "thought" i had left a trail via blogger but since blogger doesn't always cooperate, i am wondering if it isn't actually linking via others. i can link from either my profile photo or my profile. am i the only one? can you? i hope you don't mind my asking..

    just drop me a quick note if you have time after your little get away. i would really appreciate it as i miss my blogging friends and have lost so many by going over to WP, which i love, btw. NOT losing the friends but WP!!:)


  2. Hi Theresa, I think it is a positive sign that there is nature camp to be found in the city. Your vacation plans sound terrific. Have a wonderful time!

  3. What a beautiful sunset, Teresa! :)
    Have a wonderful vacation.

  4. What a gorgeous image and how lucky you were to witness it. Who can doubt there is a God when you see such sights. Best.


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