Thursday, April 19, 2012

Rural Thursday with Alice

A lovely gray kitty showed up at a house down the road. The little girl with long brown hair and gorgeous brown eyes that lives there named her Alice.

How Alice got there is a mystery, but people have a tendency to drop off unwanted animals down country roads and drive away leaving the animal to fend for itself.  How could anyone do this to Alice with the lovely green eyes?

Alice just bore a kindle of kittens, but once the kittens are weaned and homes are found, Alice may travel to Toledo to live with my good friend MJ, who just happens to be the pretty brown-haired, brown-eyed girl's Nana.
 Alice is a sweetheart and deserved better than to be left to her own devices, but I have a feeling her luck is  about to change for the better. 

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  1. She's beautiful! Her fur almost has a touch of lavendar to it.

    1. Hi Lisa... thanks for the comment. I think it was the way the light was shining on her as I snapped the photos. We were moving toward that golden hour of light.

  2. I'm so glad Alice's fortunes have turned! She's beautiful.

  3. Alice is a pretty cat. So fluffy, too! I can't understand how anyone can drop an animal off at the side of the road, either. What ARE they thinking? What's the justification? I'm glad that you've found Alice a new home, though. It's a nice ending...or new this feline's story.

  4. Sweet Alice! I hope things work out for her! ♥ I've just discovered your lovely blog and I'm now following ~ so nice to meet you!
    Anne ♥♥

  5. Happy that Alice and her babies will find new homes. She's a lovely kitty. :)

  6. Ahh, Alice reminds me of my brother's cat. Alice looks like a sweet, fluffy diva. So cute! I've always wanted a fluffy cat. (Mine are short-hairs, and they aren't the cuddly kind).



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