Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Texture Tuesday: Of Gloves, Hats, & Happy Hearts

Growing up I loved watching Doris Day and Audrey Hepburn movies; one was so blonde and bubbly and the other brunette and witty, but both had a charm about them that made me want to grow up to be just like Doris, Audrey, or a bit of both.  The elegant clothing, the capricious hats, the sexy heels, and oh how I loved the elbow length gloves.  To me those gloves were the height of style and fashion.  So when I go into a vintage shop and see long white gloves, I'm transported to a city, usually New York, where I'm Holly Golightly; my heels mincing down 5th Avenue wearing a three-quarter-length-sleeved, red coat with my purse dangling from a gloved arm.



The photos were shot at The Green Awning Gallery in Stryker, Ohio.  Each photo has at least one layer of a Kim Klassen texture. 

The top photo was processed with Simply Vintage action from The Coffee Shop blog. It's layered with Kim's Cherished texture. 

I used Shine texture on the middle photo.  Another texture by Kim Klassen.

The last photo has two layers of Happy Heart, the texture required for today's challenge over at Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday link party. Why not strut through the fabulous Texture Tuesday photos at...



  1. Fabulous images and quote by Audrey. The textures suit your images perfectly!

  2. What fascinating photos and I love the way you presented them!

  3. Audrey Hepburn would have loved your photos! I especially love the texturing on the last one. Beautiful vintage theme!

  4. A delightful post. I love both ladies and their movies. :)

  5. I love the title 'Texture Tuesday'. And oh! those textures; some to die for. A beautiful post full of colour, ingenuity and ...... texture!

  6. Me, too! But...I have to add Grace Kelly. She's my all time favorite. She wore a gray suit in Rear Window I'll never forget. And, a marvelous, wide, dangly bracelet that jangled ever so slightly! Great post!

  7. Oh this brings back memories...I still enjoy old reruns with Doris Day and Lucille Ball.

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