Monday, January 9, 2012

Rewinding to Cleveland

Through the miracle of amazing technology I'm rewinding the days, setting the time for December 2011 and voila! Here we are just after Christmas, spending two wonderful days in Cleveland. The little man visiting relatives in Youngstown, my daughter off with a college friend too seldom seen, and MJ and I roaming the city.

I love Cleveland with  its gritty, city dirt that whispers of past prosperous times while maintaining hope that a renaissance is just around the next metro block.  While Columbus may be the Ohio urban trend, give me Cleveland with fireworks lighting up the cityscape after an Indians games and the Dog Pound with painted, rabid fans.  I'll take the Westside Market...

Little Italy...

where one of my favorite vintage shops dresses up a historic church with joyful celebration.  It's Heartstings, a shop owned by the talented Wendy Swindell who displays here myriad of finds with flair and eccentric exuberance. 

 The magic of vintage and retro doll furnitue on a shelf at Heartstrings.  Photo taken by MJ

And the hard edges softened by the holiday lights...
Oh yeah, I'll take Cleveland any ole time. 

There's more to Cleveland, so stay tuned this week for more Cleveland love.  You just might be surprised!


  1. Dear Teresa, I'm not familiar with Cleveland, but I have a couple of favorite cities: I love Chicago and Pittsburg. For a country girl, that's quite and admission. P. x

  2. Hi Pam...It's good to see you at the Cottage. I'm small town girl, born and raised, lived on a farm, but I love cities. New York, Boston, and Cleveland being the three that I love visiting the most.

    Thanks for leaving a comment!

  3. Good times!
    Your night pictures are great.

  4. It was a good time! I think we need a return visit for an urban decay photography weekend!

  5. What great shots Teresa. I always love the light displays at Christmas time. The old church is wonderful. I never go to the big cities unless someone else drives. I hate driving in all of the traffic unless I am familiar with the area. I am a wimp. LOL!

  6. Hi Lona...since I like cities I had to learn to navigate them somewhat. I became fairly astute at traversing the Massachusetts madness while I lived on the Cape. Driving to Boston was terrifying at first, but the more it's done, the easier it becomes.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Would love to visit!

  8. Debby...thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. Do visit Cleveland if given the opportunity...there's so much more than just the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

  9. I just came across your blog and have to comment about Cleveland. I have been there a few times to stay and had a great time down by the waterfront bars and resturants, but mainly just to drive through. Once you get past the smell (I jest) the skyline is really beautiful, and my hubby and my favorite thing is that you can 'turn right' on the freeway! Its the silliest thing but we love that sharp 90 degree turn on the freeway!

  10. Northshore Prep...thanks for taking a peek at The Cottage on the Corner. I'm a country girl with a penchant for cities. Good luck as you maneuver into a new life in Boston!


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