Sunday, January 1, 2012

Reflecting on the past year and considering the year to come, I wanted to choose one word to give shape to the possibilities that lie in the future.  Before one foot steps in front of the other, I must imagine where I'm going and what dreams to chase, for I have many.  One must imagine before taking action to move dreams forward.  So i m a g i n e  it is....

What's your word for 2012?  How do you plan to put your word in motion? 


  1. "Nourish". Concentrating on myself this year and what I need to do in order to grow and flourish. I like "Imagine" many possibilities only limited by one's imagination.


  2. Relevance...I know you know my story but if you don't recall, I'm a quadriplegic gardener living in a nursing home at age 46. I know God has more installed in me than living here for the next 25 years without making an impact on the world. So I want to be more relevant in 2012.

  3. You've chosen a wonderful word, full of possibilities! Happy New Year!

  4. "Slow down"
    That's what I want for myself. Where do I think I'm going in such a hurry? Chasing my tail, mostly, and then wondering why I don't get anything done; wondering where the time has gone.
    What if I just slowed down and enjoyed one thing at a time instead of fussing about lots of things that never get done.

  5. "adventure" I like imagine too. It lets you go in so many different directions. I want to see new things and do new things.


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