Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I've been pondering the word open ever since Kim Klassen challenged photographers to shoot their vision of the word.  I thought about open doors, gates, and windows and the old saying, When a door closes, a window opens. I truly believe in  that adage, with the realization that when that window cracks open we darn well better crawl through quickly before it slams shut. 

My thoughts turned to an open heart embracing love, the creative spirit, gratitude, and each inspiration that beckons us with promise. How to photograph a heart... the inspiration just didn't knock on the closed door. 

Next came visions of open jars, bottles, cans, drawers, cupboards, and finally boxes.  I can seriously say I adore boxes.  I like them pretty, rustic, or plain.  An unopened box whispers mystery.  What could be inside?  Like Pandora's box, is it filled with bad things and one shining speck of hope buried beneath the rubble? Or...as the lid is lifted,do possibilities burst into the world? 
 This is my take on open and I'm sharing along with many talented photographers for Texture Tuesday.

The photo was layered with two of Kim Klassen's Ben's Collection Textures simply titled #6 and #7. 


  1. what a lovely take on open.... really beautiful...
    thank you for joining TT...xo

  2. Thank you Kim. And thank you for the gorgeous textures and inspiration you share.

  3. beautifully done... love that box :)

    seen in Kim's Café

  4. I love your interpretation! Very beautifully processed.

  5. Beautiful interpretation, and a lovely edit :)

  6. Beautiful concept and execution! I like the processing you did.

  7. love it. i like boxes too... they are so functional and pretty. perfect storage and decor at the same time! love your texture treatment.

    i came via kk's texture tuesday... i've been trying to go see all the other entires... a little late, but better than never. =)

  8. Beautiful photo and creative thought process you went through for this challenge.

    Darryl and Ruth :)

  9. Love your take on this! What a fun challenge. I automatically thought of an open door. Funny, when I went to Paris I came home to realize I took hundreds of photos of old doors. I guess I have a fascination! xoxo

  10. this is lovely....all of your photography has really taken off in the past few months it seems....and it does suit you....i think you have your muse! thanks for you sweet comment today...it is very appreciated. much love to youxx

    1. cool to see this in action...the new comment format i mean ;)

  11. Such a gorgeous photo and very important reminder...be open!

  12. What a great word to ponder! THanks Teresa O.
    A great photograph to describe the word too.
    When I think about the word open, the first thing that I think is about an open mind.
    Will be thinking about all the other "opens" today, so thank you!



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