Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Greens

The fresh smell of pine wafts through the house when the tree is brought in to be decorated.  It was an exciting time when we went off to find the Christmas, whether it was cut-fresh from a tree farm or selected from a local Christmas tree vendor it's what I imagine the bringing in of the yule log must have been like from the Christmases of long, long ago.  The stories of ancient Christmas traditions fascinates me.  I prefer to use fresh greens over artificial.  Fresh white pine that reminds of me of spidery fireworks in shades of green creates a base.  The legendary holly bearing plump red berries is so lovely to set upon window sills and add to garlands, wreaths, and in arrangements.  And then, English ivy, the little evergreen with so much spunk that it will grow up stone and brick walls.
Christmas Greens

So I gathered a few greens and those bright berries that wink at me outside my window. Placed in an English trug the greens and berries could be from the Christmases of Eleanor of Aquitaine or Anne Boleyn.  I love that about Christmas...the tradition, the legends, the lore, the memories.

The textures used on the photo are Kim Klassen's new one for today, Providence layered twice, and then Edward to add a timeless look.  You'll find more tantalizing textured treasures at....



  1. That is beautiful, and I love your sentiments.


  2. Outside your window sounds divine! I want red winking berries!

    What a wonderful photograph. The texture work is gorgeous and I'm loving the overall softness of the photograph. So nice! :)

  3. i love the classical green and red here, very beautiful!

  4. What a beautiful, vintage feel you've achieved with this photo...beautifully done!


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