Thursday, April 21, 2011

Violets & Snow

It snowed on Monday.
So I hurried outside to bring the Johnny jump-ups indoors. Of all the sweet flowers of early spring, none are more adorable than than tri-color violas that come in so many colors there's something for everyone from the deepest purple to the softest creams. 

There are more common names for violas than any other plant in the flower world.  The names often give a nod to love and romance, but all are charming:  love-in-idleness, Cupid's flower, tickle-my-fancy, kiss-her-in-the-pantry, Kit-run-in-the-fields, monkey faces, peeping Toms, three-faces-under-a-hood, heartsease, and the name I've always known them by Johnny jump-ups.

Yes, even during an April snow, the sweet faces of pansies make me smile. 

Tomorrow you won't find a new Cape Cod post.  Instead, I'm planning a special Earth day presentation. I sure hope it works! 

Have a great day!


  1. Oh, I love these faces too! And I love the thought of you saving them from the snow!

    Johnny Jump Ups are a favorite of mine, if only for the name!

    Lovely image you created!

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Marion. The sun finally got back to work after what seems like a long vacation. Have a wonderful evening.

  3. I love their faces and those names are wonderful. May they bring you joy as you look at them!

  4. I never knew johnny jump ups and violets were the same flower. I've always loved them, whatever they're called!


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