Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Celebrate Moments

Hello Friends!  Did you have a good weekend?  Did you find a wee bit of time to focus on beauty? 

Every morning we wake up and there it is, your page waiting for you to write you day upon. 

So we move through the day tending to daily tasks, at work and at home, creating a life as we go.  Do we consciously choose  how the day will progress or do we allow it to unfold, tripping over frustration and anger, and wondering how time disappeared? I prefer to live in the moment, not that I always do.  In fact, too often I am the passenger in my own life rather than the driver moving in my chosen direction.  Just for today, I'm going to steal moments.

I"ll read a poem about spring, daffodils...

or the dune poet, Harry Kemp's...
A Satisfactory Life

The sun, the wind, the moon; stars, birds, breasts about me;
O, this is the kind of life I want forever:
Thought by geographies; all details of pettniness
Erased by bright dune days,--
Days of good, new dawns; never-fogotten sunsets;
Nights when the sky is high as God with stars;
Times of the halcyon on brooding seas
Where joyous porpoises roll and prank like clowns.
My shack standing in the middle
Of all this, in the midmost
Of the leagues of sand, of the long,rolling leagues,
Next door to heaven andclose on the gates of sunset,
The opening of dawn;
I've got what few have,
I've got the life I want! 
A sigh for Cape Cod

I'll embezzle time for Johnny jump-ups, the funny faces teared from the rain, searching for the sun.

Starting today, I will take a step forward and try not to glance back too far or too long.

Today, I'll celebrate moments.  

How do you celebrate moments?


  1. I celebrate the beautiful moments spent here, amidst these beautiful images and words.

    You are so right, we need to write our own page and create or own life. Not be a passenger to it!

    I am renewed, thank you!

  2. Marion...it's lovely to see you. Oh I am so glad you feel renewed. I do too! Everything seems a bit brighter in the sunshine and when I take time to revel in my choices.

  3. My post went up, and the feed went down. The hamster roared around its treadmill. Then I did the tweak I was afraid of. The feed has the post up. And now ... I can read yours.

  4. Hi Diana...thanks for stopping by. Every once in awhile, I have problems getting your page to load. That problem may be more about my connection than Elephant's Eye. Geez, I like writing that. : )

  5. Yes. Yes. It is so important to live for the moment and so easy to be caught up in being a passenger. This post is glorious in its entirety and is a special moment in this day of mine.

    Beautiful moments for me are usually visual and in nature ... words or poetry, so you can see how I identified and I just followed your day with enjoyment. The opening shot set it up and the blend of pictures and words merged so well to become what seems like an almost perfect day.
    I hope that you were able to enjoy it to the full.

  6. What colors for the spring!
    And a charming poem too.


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