Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Outside My Window

Photo ops abounded just outside my window...

 Like tiny snowballs, the spent blossoms of autumn aster sported pom-poms of snow.

An icy cage imprisoning rose hips became beauty held captive.  

Nature's artistic hand surrounded leaves with ice and became ephemeral sculpture.  

The February first storm hit nw Ohio and just outside my window the wind chases snowflakes across the street and whipping over the open field rushing toward tomorrow. 

Stay warm & well, my friends!   


  1. Do we live in the same state? LOL! we only had just a little icing on trees and rails etc. here in the Hocking Hills area and the rain melted it off.Now the snow flurries and winds are terrible. Makes for some beautiful pictures though doesn't it.I love the image of the leave encased in ice. Brrr! Stay safe.

  2. It's started again, here. Snow falling and the wind picked up. I'm snug and toasty indoors, but there's still lots of shovling to do. At least we can walk down the sidewalk...next is the driveway.

  3. Teresa,
    I wanted to thank you for your kind comment over at iStudio! Came by to check out your blog. Your photos are stunning!!! I will certainly stop by again to see what you are up to:)

  4. The aster shot is beautiful...and that ice is amazing!

  5. Dear Teresa, How magical!! Ice lollies of your Rosehips...marvellous!!

    I do hope that you are keeping warm and safe!

  6. Anna..thank you for stopping by and leaving such kind comments.

    Scott...these shots were taken yesterday, before the storm hit. I went out today and looked around, the rose bush is mostly covered in snow. Lucky I went out yesterday. Thanks for stopping by.

    Edith...You're so right. The photo does look like frozen rose hip lollies. We're warm and toasty with a nice fire going in the fireplace. I kind of like snow days.

  7. I an looking out of your window ... and I am amazed by what I see. Nature is truly wonderful, creative, surprising .. and your photographs capture this in every way.

  8. such ice!
    what super close ups

    cold here too but melting and slushy

  9. aguja...Nature is the greatest of artists, but too often I don't take the time to see the true magic that exists just outside my door.

    Elizabeth..Thanks! No melting here, not yet. We got a bit more snow and some blowing, but I think it's pretty much over, for now.

  10. These photos are so beautiful it hurts! You really do have talent with that camera.

  11. Hugs to MJ! Thank you for stopping and as always thank you for your kind comments, my dear friend.

  12. i apologize, i saw this lovely post and 'thought' i left you my thoughts...sighs...these are absolutely stunning, i adore the top one, something i NeVER see here..in fact, we are in the 70's today, i say that in a whisper. :)

  13. Dear Teresa,

    We too have ice. So dangerous; so beautiful. Your photos are stunning!

    Thank you for your kind wishes prior to my hospital stay! I am home now and feeling well. I'll post soon.

    Pam x

  14. Just passing....! What nature provides.....! Stunning photographs of the ice-encased leaves and berries. Having the luck to be, the eye to see and the skill to capture images that can be here today and gone tomorrow - a terrific combination!


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