Monday, December 27, 2010

Collage Favorites

I have hundreds, maybe thousands of photos on my computer.  Some files have more than a hundred photos of one subject.  Yikes! What better time to organize all those files than now before the  new year begins?  Each photo is placed in one of thee files:
  1. Really bad...delete without haste 
  2. Love, into favorite file
  3. Not that great of a shot, but tells a wonderful story none-the-less...keep in monthly or subject files
So that's my process. 

One of the cool things I learned in 2010 is how to create collages with photos and other images, including backgrounds, textures, and text.  Here's my favorite collages for 2010.

March Rain
What's not to love...cupcakes, a favorite cup, and jumping in puddles.

While many attack dandelions in their yards with hoes, chemicals, and cursing, I rather like dandelions, the unloved recovery plant that smiles at the world in sunny yellow and eventually sends off downy kisses on spring breezes. 

My two sisters and I spent a couple June nights in a cabin. Not far from the cabin was a stand of pine trees shading funny, magical mushrooms that popped out of the ground with exuberance.

Pink...soft, sweet, happy, feminine, elegant, sexy.  Pink is one of my favorite flower colors and nothing says pink with a pinch of panache like coneflowers.  

Yes, I created many collages over the year.  Some for the Cottage, others for Write in Amazement, and others for fun.  There were collages with people, places, and things; animals, flowers, and food.  It was a new way for me to share photography love with all of you.

As I file away 2010, I'm planning to share my favorites of the photos I took throughout the year.  Then I can open a new page in the book of 2011 and begin telling a fresh story. 


  1. Great, great great collages! I keep meaning to learn how to put these together it's such a classy way to utilize all those pictures.
    I am with you on the dandelions, they get such a bad rap,and yet, they are such cheerful and jolly plants. Mushrooms are always perfect, coming in hundreds of shapes and sizes and so unusual. I love to paint them!

  2. Hello Jeri...Thank you for stopping by for a visit. Do learn how to create collages. It's such fun. Most of these were made using Picasa, but I'm now using Picnik for photo creations. I'm glad to hear someone shares my view of dandelions. I'd love to see some of your mushroom paintings. I can only imagine how magical they are.

    Have a cozy evening!

  3. Your collages are terrific.
    I have tried some on Picknik and they take ages.....
    I need help!!
    Happy New Year.

  4. Just love the collâges ... and great that you have included dandelions. They have bad press, but I love them all the same.

    Also, your 'categorising' (new word perhaps?) is fantastic, especially the titles. Would that I was that organised! I keep meaning to be but ....

  5. I'm with Elizabeth. I tried Piknik because it is there on Picasa. But nothing happened and then nothing happened again, so I gave up. Stuck with standard Picasa collages.

  6. Hi Teresa. Ugh! What a reminder. I should go through my pictures and clean some out. I have some that now I wondered why I even kept them because they were not so good or maybe I just thought they were good at the time. LOL! Your collages are so pretty. Dandelions are a cheery flower despite the blowing spreading seed heads.You cannot help but blowing them as a kid. LOL! Have a Blessed New Year.

  7. Elizabeth...after the holidays and family from Colorado leaves I'll try writing a tutorial for creating a collage in Picnik.

    aguja...I hate wasting time searching, so I organize in hopes that I can always lay my hands on what I want, unfortunately, sometimes I just plain forget.

    Diana...I agree, it's easier to create collages in Picasa and their program has more custom options, but I kept going back and forth from tweaking photos in Picnik and then creating the collage in Picasa and it was just too time consuming. I dream of Photoshop...*sigh*

    Lona...I keep way too many photos and know that I should show no mercy when it comes to deleting photos, but it's just so hard.

    My next project is to clean up my Flickr page and get it looking like I want it to.

    Thanks to each of your for stopping by and leaving a comment. I hope each of you are staying warm and cozy...well except for Diana who I am quite sure is warm and enjoying her summer.


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