Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Monthly Garden Bouquet: A Bouquet of June

Today my grandson and I walked to the railroad tracks after asking permission from the kind lady across the street if we could cross her lawn. Never stepping on to another person’s lawn without permission was one of those common courtesies I learned as a child, but seems lost in today’s too often oblivious world. I’ve been admiring her gorgeous red rose from afar, so I asked if she minded if I took a few photographs. “Not at all,” she said, “Please take any pictures you like.” So I did. Only I fell in love with this rose that looked like pink champagne to me.  

Then, it was on to the railroad tracks and the stand of daisies that I’ve been longing to put in a bouquet.
 Floral design was a big part of my past life and the urge to create something from freshly picked flowers tugs at me. The little man cut a few daisies while I snapped photos of daisies, the graffiti on the train car, and him.

At home we plunked them in tepid water immediately. While the daisies sipped up water through stems, I went back to the generous floribunda in my front yard to pick a few stems. I had to stand back amazed…the wandering, flopping canes are an explosion of deep pink with flowers crowding each other on fragile stems. I honestly don’t think I’ve seen so many sweet roses on a single cane in my life. I’m not sure if it’s all the rain or me. Last year I cut the rosebush back severely once blooming was over, but something made it outdo itself when it comes to the sheer number of blooms.

S t y l i z e d  B o u q u e t
A stylized bouquet or arrangement is a mass design with a clean, clear-cut geometric shape to it. I wanted a round design on top of a square glass container. No need for precision, but I cut rose stems all the same size and then tilt them into the container interlocking the stems for security. The thorns help to keep the stems in place as they hook each other. Mine has no focal, but many stylized designs are all about the focal point.

I simply poked daisies around the roses to give it a bit of countryside panache.

I love ribbons. Satin, brocade, and French wired are my favorites. I wrapped a piece of wide satin ribbon just once around the container. An elegant little bow with tails completes the look. Love ribbons, too? There’s a fabulous shop in Perrysburg, Ohio, called The Ribbonry. It’s filled with elegant, beautiful ribbons. I’ve not been there in a long while, but perhaps I’ll make a trip there in a couple weeks.

C r e a m e r  B o u q u e t

I had flowers left over and I just can’t toss fresh flowers, so I grabbed a small white ironstone creamer and filled it with daisies and roses.

F l o a t i n g  i n  a  B o w l

WHAT? I have more flowers leftover? I filled a pink Depression glass bubble bowl with water and simply floated the leftover pink roses in it. It will remain in the center of the dining room table decorating the lovely cotton crocheted lace tablecloth my mom made. 

Ideas for containers to float flowers in: small fish bowls, glasses of varying sizes and shapes, stemware, apothecary jars, canning jars, a ladle leaning against a bowl, pumpkins and gourds hollowed out, half a basketball, a bathtub (imagine the surprise of guests to see flowers swimming in your bathtub), colorful buckets for children, galvanized pans, buckets, watering cans, old iron troughs, hollowed out stones, and the list goes on. Anything that holds water can be used, so have fun!

A special thanks with a hug to the inspiring Noelle at Ramblings from a Desert Garden for hosting the Monthly Garden Bouquet. Please stop by  her blog and take a peek at the June bouquets of other creative souls


  1. As I read this, I remembered visiting an open garden, and seeing flowers floating in the bird-bath. Something so opulent, and inviting to your visitors, in that!

  2. I like the bouquet in the white creamer best. (I covet those white ironstone dishes.) It suits those daisies. It was kind of that woman to let you photograph her roses, but it doesn't really surprise me. Don't gardeners all love to share the beauty?

    I AM just obsessed with roses at the moment. I have lots of pinks, but in paler shades. One of my favorites, which has just started to bloom, is The Ingenious Mr. Fairchild. It's a blowsy rose with a delicious fragrance. I'm going to visit the rose garden at Regents Park on Friday. LOTS of pictures to follow, no doubt.

  3. Gorgeous...all so super charming!! yay..beautiful!

  4. So beautiful. Such lovely ideas! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Diana...I'm imagining an evening garden party with flowers and candles floating in a bird bath. I suppose our fine feathered friends would be shocked! won't believe it, but I discovered those dishes in a box at a garage sale. The price tag: A whopping $7.50! The set came with platters and serving bowls besides about 10 5 piece place settings. Fewer cups, but I don't mind.

    I absolutely adore pink flowers, especially roses. Oh I do hope you'll post the photos of your rose garden excursion.

    Kiki...You're always a ray of sunshine! Thanks for visiting.

    septembermom...Thanks for stopping by. I hope you picked up a few ideas to put to use.

  6. oh, how beautiful is that pink rose? and the ironstone, be still my heart :) i adore white ironstone! i had not seen this month bouquet before but think i will participate, how fun to have a reason to post MORE pics of flowers! xo

  7. Linda...I couldn't believe my good fortune to find those dishes for so little. Being able to mix and match, add color with other pieces is so much fun. Oh do participate, it was fun bouncing from blog to blog to see what other's created from the flowers in their garden. Since I see the whole as a garden I'll probably keep looking for roadside flowers to bolster what's growing.


  8. Beautiful post, your stylized bouquet is so interesting and structured. The Daisies are such a lovely highlight. So nice that you were able to 'tresspass' a little, the rose is stunning, and picking flowers with children is always so much fun. :)

  9. What a wonderful way to spend time. And look what you have to show for it! Best part: all free!

  10. Mom, The first picture looks like it belongs in a magazine! I love it!

  11. Rebecca...Thank you for stopping by the Cottage. Stylized mass bouquets/designs tend to be tightly structure. It's fun to get all precision-like once in a while. Thank you for all your kind words.

    MJ...It was fun and we got back just before it started raining.

    Anonymous Daughter...Thanks for the compliment. Wait until you see what I did with another photo of the same pink rose.

  12. i love, love this post!!
    oh the daisies are brilliant.

  13. Oh, I just love this post! You have such a good eye and it is so neat how you created different bouquets, using different containers. I think it may help people who think they can only use a vase to hold flowers. Thank you so much for participating :-)

  14. Christina...It's always a delight when you visit The Cottage, like finding a stand of daisies free for the taking.

    Noelle..I'm so glad you like my post inspired by MGB. It's fun to see what strange an unusual items can become containers. I've used tin cans with and without labels, a butter churn, perfume bottles, wine bottles, baskets, and even a carburetor.

    Thank for stopping by.

  15. Oh my, this bouquet is lovely. One can easily tell that you know what you're doing! I do love the spring feel to these flowers. And the ribbon is such a pretty touch. Your neighbor's pastel rose is also quite beautiful. Glad to hear that you are teaching your son to be courteous. It is a forgotten art in today's world.

  16. This is such a pretty bouquet...that ribbon just sets it off. Balisha

  17. Floridagirl...welcome to The Cottage on the Garden. Thank for your kind words and courtesy is nearly a forgotten art, but it's not too late to teach the next generation.

    Balisha...Thank you for visiting and the sweet coment. I'm looking forward to July MGB.

  18. What an incredibly beautiful post. And you have given me some great ideas. Thanks. Pam


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