Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Fairies

Christmas Girl from Graphics Fairy
I needed a bit of Christmas magic this morning and the mystical ways of unknown good fairies delivered. One of the wonderful gifts of blogging is discovering blogs, websites, and creators that might never have been found, if it were not for stopping by an oft-read blog only to be pulled away by one in the blog list. I’m ‘rawther’ like Eloise skittering here and there, popping into rooms and the blogospohere is ‘rawther’ like the Plaza Hotel and as Eloise herself claims, “There are absolutely nothing but rooms in the The Plaza.”

Here is the path I took this morning:
I always start with the Ohio blogs, I’m a loyal Buckeye. This morning I couldn’t bring myself to comment, due to the mean reds. (If you’ve read Truman Capote’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s or seen the movie you’ll know what I’m talking about.)

Next come the latest entries on my Other Garden Blogs list.

Finally, I peruse the Because I Like them Blogs searching for a new post to read. The World Examining Works blog is an absolute favorite that I read faithfully. Looking at the wonderful photos of New York always make me sigh. A post I’d not yet read was up, so off I went.

Now… I found this blog through, From the Desk of Bee Drunken, another favorite blog that always leaves me with something…a recipe, a smile, or a literary find. After reading the latest post on The World Examining Works I read the comments and clicked on Rochambeau. I’ve never been to this blog, so I scurried over to take a peek. Gorgeous photos of Christmas displays around the world lit up the page, but one in particular knocked my wooly socks off…San Francisco from Fae Nation. Rochambeau’s creator is indeed a good fairy…she inserted a link and off I went to the Fae Nation Website, which in turn linked to Kat Soto’s site where I could steal a few precious moments and lose myself in enchanting Christmas fairies. These are the fairies of my child-like imagination with lovely faces, ethereal wings and period gowns surrounded by whimsical trappings of fairyland.

As a grown-up, I put away my wings so long ago that I sometimes forget that I can still fly. It takes a gentle nudge from adults who still fly with fairies to remind me that it’s ok to take a moment or ten and rediscover the child within…wide-eyed, curious, and so very tender.

Thank you good fairies, everywhere.

Graphic from Graphic Fairy


  1. As a child playing in the garden, I liked to pretend that there were garden fairies. I still believe ;)0

  2. What a wonderful path of blogs!
    Happy Holidays, friend.

  3. Thankyou for sharing your fairy Magic..lovely picture/art too..simply beautiful!Put your wings on a often as you fact keep em' on..all the time!!


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