Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Fall Color Project: An October Walk

Stop! Take a Look

Dave at The Home Garden began the Fall Color Project in 2008. Bloggers are invited to post links to their photos of autumn color at its peak. Last Sunday, I believe northwest Ohio reached the apex of autumn color. I'm delighted to share what I found and viewed through Fuji, a most worthy camera for a novice photographer.

On Sunday Fuji and I went for a quiet walk. The fall color in northwest Ohio is reaching its peak and begging to be captured and held fast. Fall Splendor
The first stop, Goll Woods, a 321 acre state nature preserve in Fulton County, offered a pleasant walk. 2009_1018Living0020
The deepness of tall stands of trees creates a sanctuary for wild things…birds, animals, plants, moss, fungi, and a humble walker.
Bracket Fungus
The light filtering in...A Light from Above
made me ponder how much brighter the woods will be after the fall of leaves, but with light the dark mystery of a wooded area lessens. Often walks in the woods are quiet sojourns with plenty of time for reflection and introspection. The laughter of children, with adults tramping close behind, and the cries of blue jays punctuated the cool October day, yet there were times when stillness gathered round giving me moments of just being.
Wild Berries
On any excursion finding treasures presents excitement and delight. In the fall nature tenders fists full of flaming red, burnished gold, nut brown, and glowing orange leaves collected and preserved by treasure hunters. Lone Red Leaf
Gathered acorns with jaunty caps, buckeyes, and nuts retrieved and pocketed become a remembrance of the day. Then there are the feasts for the eyes that can only be captured through a camera lens…the rich browns of shelf fungi thriving on a fallen limb, tiny colorful, leaf canoes navigating the Tiffin River...Leaf Canoes
deep blue berries picked over by birds and overhead leaves in shimmering yellows and earthy browns creating a canopy of color against the soft blue October sky.

After traipsing about the paths in the woods, we headed for a picturesque setting in Williams County, George Bible Park. What we, Fuji and I, found were trees on fire... Whorl of Leaves
and liquid reflections softened in a mirror of water. 2009_1018Living0167
The small park differs from the forest primeval of Goll Woods. Instead of ancient 400 year-old towering trees, a gentle idyllic setting invites visitors to rest for a spell, breathe in the crisp air, and soak up glorious vignettes awash with fall color.Taking the Plunge

The ephemeral beauty of fall passes by in the span of a deep sigh. The trees now clothed in ornate gowns will soon drop the colorful covering and stand naked to the world, but that’s another story for another day. Stop before the show is over and if only for a few minutes live the gift that nature presents each fall.An October Rest

“It is only when we are aware of the earth and of the earth as poetry that we truly live.”—Henry Beston, Herbs and the Earth

All in all, I took nearly 200 photos on my walk. I've selected what I find to be the most interesting photos and if you're up for more fall color, take a look at the Flickr slide show.


  1. Breathtaking! We do not have the fall color signaling the change in seasons. We barely have a change of seasons, which I do enjoy, because I am a sissy about the cold. But I do enjoy looking at your splendid color. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Your photos are just great. Gives me the fall color I don't get down south. Thanks.

  3. Super gorgeous! Wonderful post..yo have captured all of Autumn's magic and more! Great post!

  4. Oh, so beautiful. I felt as if I came with you on your walk. Your pictures captured the essence of fall perfectly.

  5. Thanks for inviting us along on your walk. I almost felt I was there. Not a scrap of red or yellow here.

  6. Really beautiful! I would love to sit on that bench and just take in all the fall beauty! Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm enjoying yours too! -Jackie

  7. Beautiful fall color! Thanks for takin me along on your walk. And thanks for stoppin by my blog.

  8. Nice photography Teresa! Thanks for joining in the Fall Color Project. The maple has to be my favorite tree just because of those blazing fall leaves. That is one nice park you have nearby! The bridge photo is great.

  9. Thanks to each of you for your kind words. I'm so glad you decided to come along on my walk. The beauty around us is truly amazing. I feel blessed to live in a place with four unique seasons.

    Dave...I am quite fond of maple trees for the very same reason.

    Jackie...I thoroughly enjoyed your cottage (blog) too.

  10. Awesome pictures and beautiful words to describe the scenery.

  11. Teresa,

    So happy to have found you via Dave's The Home Garden via Gail's Clay and Limestone. Beautiful! color, photos...

  12. As I drank this in, I kept making mental notes to tell you which pictures I liked best. But now I get to the end and discover that I liked them all! You culled some beauties out of your 200.

  13. How stunning! I love the tree on fire and I want to step into your blog and sit on that bench. Beautiful images.

  14. Thanks to each and everyone of you who has commented on my Sunday walk and photos. It's such a joy to share with others.

    I hope each of your find mulled cider days, colorful vignettes, and apple pie memories this fall.

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