Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Scenes from September

align="center">September’s been a busy month with two weddings, school for Redding, and the end of summer. It’s also been a month of surprises when my son and his girlfriend showed up for a wedding, when I thought they were not going to be coming. In between the joys of family and friends, there’s been a little time to seek September scenes.

align="center">September is falling into October, but before the transition month from summer to fall completes its journey take a look at the beauty found in the ninth month of the year.
One morning I’d planned to meet with my friend Mary Jo for breakfast in Archbold. I left early, providing time to take a few photos of the Fulton & Williams landscape.
Golden RodGoldenrod looking bright on an early morning in September.

Covered BridgeThe covered bridge in Williams County always presents fascinating photo opportunities. The morning light filtered through the trees created a magical moment.

Gnarled Roots Colorful small leaves looked like confetti dropped at the gnarled roots of this tree standing on the edge of the Tiffin River that runs beneath the covered bridge.

Windmill in Wood CountyWhile heading for a wedding outside of Bowling Green in Wood County I stopped to photograph a windmill rising from a ripening corn field with arms swinging in giant circles and whooshing in the wind.

Asian Pepper Plant from B & J's gardenWho can resist the bright red and greens of Asian peppers ripening in the garden? The colorful heat of the peppers makes fall seem warmer.

Ripening Soy bean FieldOne Saturday, Redding and I headed out early in the morning to find September. We came across expanses of yellowing soybeans creating a patchwork of fall across the landscape.

The Three of Me (Redding)The same morning we stopped at a small wildlife preserve outside of Montpelier. Redding ran along a small dock looking at his reflection while his shadow chased him from behind.

Autumn AstersI call them tiny sweet autumn wildflowers, others call them weeds; no matter what you call them, autumn asters brighten the roadsides.

Lace & Leaf
This photo was captured at the wedding of my niece Carrie to Tom Cloutier. The edge of lace on Carrie's train caught a fallen leaf creating an exquisite fall moment during a beautiful late afternoon wedding.

The Last Rose of Summer
Five apricot pink roses were courageously blooming in the front flower bed this morning. I tried photographing them outdoors, but the wind blew so brisk I decided to cut them and enjoy the last roses of summer indoors.

Scenes from September can be found everywhere...in yards, gardens, along roadsides, and at weddings. As the first frost approaches, leaves will color and fall changing the landscape once again into something old, but oh so new. I'm looking forward to finding the grandeur of October.


  1. What a wonderful collection of photos. I especially love the picture of your pepper plant!

  2. Thanks! Alas, the pepper plant is not mine, it's in the garden of my brother and his wife. I followed them from laying out their new garden through their first harvest. I updated their progress each month.

    Thanks for the comment.


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