Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pigeon River Gardens

On Saturday Manda, Redding, and I took a trip to Angola. On the way home, I noticed a sign that read, Perennials for Sale. We flew by what looked like a lovely garden, but I knew I’d return to satisfy my curiosity in a few days. Tuesday, after an amazing burger at Club Paradise near Lake James, my sister Nancy and I stopped in to check out the flowery landscape and the perennials for sale.

Shortly upon arriving at Pigeon River Gardens, we met the owner, Sharon Gerig. A retired schoolteacher, Sharon turned a passion for gardening into a business selling ornamental grasses and perennials. Even as a work in progress, the gardens and landscaping show how much work she puts into her business. Well-maintained gardens, overflowing flower beds, and lush plants invite visitors to purchase and take pleasure in walking about the Pigeon River Gardens.

From the white wrought iron arbor that beckons visitors into the garden to the gurgle of water tickling over rocks, charm is everywhere. Tables, overflowing with plants, entice buyers. Two heucheras (coral bells) caught my eye. The ‘Georgia Peach’ heuchera represented the name well with soft, ripe shades of pink-orange foliage. The deep color of purple graced the foliage of another coral bell variety. Plant the two colors in a clump of three or five for a striking contrast in the garden.

A few of my favorite cottage garden plants are available for purchase. Day lilies (hemerocallis), sedums, bell flowers (campanula), bleeding heart (dicentra), phlox, silver mound (artemisia), iris, and cottage pinks (dianthus) are just a few of the perennials for sale. Varieties of ornamental grasses are also available.

I purchased a bleeding heart, but I can’t get mind off the Georgia Peach heuchera, which means another trip to Pigeon River Gardens. Go ahead, take a ride on US Hwy 20, you’ll find Sharon ready to answer questions and share her gardening experiences and knowledge with a smile.

Pigeon River Gardens
*ornamental grasses *perennial flowers
Hours: Noon-6 pm
Tuesday – Saturday
Or call: 260-624-2041

You can find Sharon Gerig’s Pigeon River Gardens 3 miles east of the circle on US Hwy 20 Angola, Indiana.

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  1. Next time I'm up that way, I'm going to have to stop in there! Thanks for bringing this place to my attention! :-)

    I've added you to my Ohio Garden Blogs blogroll. I hope that's okay!


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