Thursday, April 23, 2009

Welcome to My Corner

Almost every house I’ve ever lived in was on a corner. I grew up in a big white house on a corner in a rural northwest Ohio town. One day I drove up a winding lane to a bigger farmhouse that had rested on a corner for well over a hundred years. This house became my home for over 20 years...the place where we’d raise children, he’d raise cattle and I’d raise flowers and herbs. I moved to a cottage on Cape Cod, after the end of my marriage, and it too sat nestled among trees and brush on a corner. Even now, I live in a small home on a corner, in yet another rural town. Yes, corner homes are as much a part of my life as my love for gardening and entertaining is, so why not name this blog The Cottage on the Corner…it suits my life and it satisfies my soul.

Once upon a time, a shop called Windy Corner herbs & flowers grew from a passionate hobby. A small building on the farm became a quaint location for the spill over from the garden. We installed a wood floor, brought light in with new windows, and added a heavy door of wood planks with a wrought iron door pull inviting guests to come in. New walls received a coat of paint and a stencil at the top. An old wood counter from a general store added flavor and much needed storage. I filled the shop with books on herbs and flowers, whimsical garden accessories, plants in the spring, and all manner of wreaths, garlands, and designs fashioned from flowers I dried or preserved. Potpourris, herbs and spices in bulk, and flowers hanging from wooden beams scented the air. Yes, I loved my shop and I miss it. Although, I no longer have my fragrant escape into the world I love so much, my goal is to recreate a similar experience through blogging.

I have no idea what path this blog might take and that’s half the fun…the mystery of what lies around the next corner. I hope by sharing my love for gardening and entertaining I’ll bring something new or so old that it was forgotten to the table. At the very least, I hope to delight you and encourage you to grow a few flowers and herbs, invite a friend for tea, and take a moment to smell the lavender.


  1. This one paints such a lovely picture. I wish I were there.

  2. I am so excited about following the progress of Bill and Judy's garden. What a great idea this is.

  3. Thank you Vicki. I loved my little shop and my garden. Keep checking'll find more than just gardening on this blog. You might discover some fun entertaining ideas, too.

  4. Thanks MJ. It's fun to watch THEM build their garden, while I take photos and drink margaritas.


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